We have been working tirelessly to put together a structure for our newly elected board the last two months.  We have also been working on the application to gain the formal recognition from the NCASEF before October's national meeting. We are very optimistic, as the majority of the national board has given their verbal approval! 
We have reached out to SEI and asked them to keep our board in the loop with any communications regarding important meetings, emails, and discussions, on any and all upcoming important issues related to Franchisees.  Our zone leader and both market managers have welcomed our association and they assured us that our organization will be a big part of all future communications.  
On August 18th, we were invited to attend the ZLC (Zone Leadership Counsel) meeting in California.  Our board members Bill Huffman, Rehan Ashraf, Tim Jewsbury and Mohan Grewal attended the meeting.  I am attaching the presentation from the meeting for you to see, please open and read the presentation attachments.
Our board is working on a Holiday Party and General Town Hall meeting with our members where we would like to hear your suggestions, concerns and ideas on how to get our businesses better and more prosperous in the coming years. We are hoping to have our first General Town Hall meeting in November, and we will keep you posted on the Holiday Party date.  In the meantime, please email us topics and ideas for open discussion for the meeting.
We appreciate your support and look forward to your partnership in building a better, more transparent, more profitable, more business minded, franchise owners association. We are committed to building this FOA with each and every member's interest in our heart and in our mind.

Naeem Khan

Seven Eleven, Inc. (SEI) is in the early fact and data gathering stage for development of the 2019 Franchise Agreement. We started this process earlier in the year, when we began talking to Franchisees about their concerns and wishes. We spoke with well over a hundred Franchisees through multiple focus groups, third party researchers, and direct interactions with Franchise Owner’s Association (FOA) and National Coalition leaders. Additionally, we looked at the Franchise Systems of several leading Franchisors from the Quick Service Restaurant, Convenience, and Specialty Retail industry sectors.

As a part of our 2019 Franchise Agreement development process, SEI has put in place a Franchise Advisory Committee (FAC). The FAC is a group of 7-Eleven Franchisees that will provide SEI important feedback and input on the process. The FAC will help SEI understand our Franchisees’ viewpoints on important Agreement areas. Members of the FAC, representing diverse geographical areas, store types, store volumes, and years in the system, include:

Alan Dumain​

Dave Carpenter

Dennis Lane​

​Jay Khan

Jay Singh​

​Jim Bayci

Joann Lawson​

​Joe Galea

Kiran Hussain​

​Nick Bhullar

Rita Casanova​

​​Sean Mahmood

This committee will meet with SEI on a regular basis. The first meeting was on August 5 at the Store Support Center in Dallas. In this productive meeting, we discussed the Agreement development process, shared initial thoughts, and listened to Franchisees’ concerns. We agreed on the importance of protecting our iconic Brand and developing an Agreement that supports a world-class franchise system. I believe feedback from the FAC will be an important component  in developing an outstanding 2019 Franchise Agreement.

It is important to remember that this process is just starting. And with more than two years before 2019, it is far too early to talk about any of the specific terms of the Agreement. However, I will commit to providing periodic updates throughout this process. I am confident the final product will successfully propel our Brand into the future.   

Thank you.

Larry Hughes 
Vice President, Franchise Systems

Evolution of 7-Eleven Agreement

Evolution of Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [468.4 KB]

Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly financial reports are critical to your business. The Accounting Team is dedicated to providing you accurate financial information as quickly as possible. Each month, we compile over 100,000 unique financial reports to help you and the Store Support Center make smart decisions to grow sales.

To help ensure you know as soon as possible when financials have posted each month we will start the following communications plan immediately:

  • Notice in Store Newsletter week before financials post

  • Morning of financials posting, we will send email letting you know financials will post later that day

  • Email alert when financials are up and available for review

    •  If financials will not post until after 8 p.m. we will send out an email letting you know they will post later that evening


Your July financial report will be available on Monday, August 8. We will let you know when it is posted.



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